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Many schools, colleges and organisations print their own ID badges

The benefits of printing your own ID badges could be


  • Cost effective decision of you intend to print larger volume
  • Instant print in house for immediate card issue
  • 100% on site security of your information 

We offer the all in 1 ID printer option with EASYBADGE to print your own ID badges. Launched in May 2016, this is without doubt the best value entry system in the ID industry.

The cost of EASYBADGE is £799

The all in a box EASYBADGE package includes:


  • Easybadge ID Software
  • Easybadge ID Printer with 5 year guarantee
  • Printing consumables to print 200 badges
  • Printer refill boxes are £49.99 to print 200 badges 


For an online demonstration and further information please visit our dedicated EASYBADGE website.

If you need further information please email or call us on 01772 338 181.


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