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Overview of our Photo ID Badges.

  • Credit Card sized
  • Totally Tamperproof, same quality as the UK driving licence, all the print is heat transferred into the card
  • Starts as a white blank card
  • Anything can be added to the design
  • As much or as little writing as you like
  • Any colour or any size or style of font
  • Company logos or badges
  • Logos of associations, accreditations logos
  • We can print any chip, encode and mifare cards 

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Typical contents for a Photo ID Badge are

  • Name of company-school
  • Address and telephone details
  • Employees photo
  • Employees name
  • Job title
  • Employee ID number
  • DBS-CRB number often used by schools
  • Card expiry date 

Our procedure

  • We design a sample badge for a potential customer
  • A customer can then make any amendments to the card until they are happy with the design.
  • We then need the pictures and information for the card
  • We can receive the pictures in any format
  • On a disc, a pen drive, Via email, Via Dropbox
  • Passport sized picture
  • Pictures taken on an iPhone are superb quality
  • We will crop the picture to head and shoulders for suitable use for the card 

Once we receive the pictures and the design is approved the entire project is turned around within approx 2 days

We set up their unique customer secure ID database which contains your information and pictures, this is where we keep a record of your ID information.



  • If a member of their staff loses their ID badge we are able to print them a replacement badge from the database
  • If a member of staff needs an updated ID badge, we can amend their details in the database and print them a new ID badge
  • If a new member of staff joins the company, send us the new employee details and we can then add them to the database and print an ID badge 


  • One off database set up fee £40.00
  • Full colour ID Badge £3.00 each card
  • Reverse side printing £1.00 each card
  • ID Accessories from 25p 


Supplying businesses for over 20 years

Completed within
3 working days

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